Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Software Development Tips and Tricks & Tutorials

Software Development is the process of creating or developing a quality application which will help the business to grow.

Software development process includes the following steps.
  • Understanding the business or Domain : Now you may have a question that "Why should I know the business/domain?. As a programmer my job is only writing codes and developing the application. then why?". The answer is very simple, if you are aware on the domain, I would say it is definitely an added advantage to the software development process.
  • Understanding requirements: Understanding client requirement is one of the important factor in software development.
  • Design: Once we completed the requirement analysis, next we need to design the application. Mostly its done by creating a high level design document and low level design document.
  • Development: Develop the application based on the design document and functional requirement document. While do coding ensure all business validations and requirements are under coverage.
  • Testing: Testing is an investigation conducted to provide the information about the quality of the product/application.
  • Implementation: In this step, we will be deploying the final solution/application which is tested and completed on to the server. While deploying/releasing we will also develop a release document which will help the end user to deploy the application in their enviornment.
  • Maintanance: Maintanance is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct faults or to improve performance.
I hope now you are clear on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) mentioned above.

Here are some Tips and Tricks that might be improve the quality of software development
  • Love your profession
  • Simplify the complex logic by splitting.
  • Be an innovator and expert in technology
  • Be a good learner
  • Be aware of latest technologies
  • Learn the process
  • Minimum amount of sleep should be 6 hours
  • Be social
  • Enjoy holidays and free time
  • Involve in any games during work hours
  • Think positively.