Monday, August 16, 2010

Performing site navigation in Asp.Net

Performing site navigation

Page navigation is the process of moving between one actual page of your Web site and another.
There are many ways to navigate from one page to another in ASP.NET.

Client-side navigation: Client-side code or markup allows a user to request a new Web page. Your client code or markup requests a new Web page in response to a client-side event, such as clicking a hyperlink or executing JavaScript as part of a button click.

Cross-page posting: A control and form are configured to PostBack to a different Web page than the one that made the original request.

Client-side browser redirect: Server-side code sends a message to the browser, informing the browser to request a different Web page from the server.

Server-side transfer: Server-side code transfers control of a request to a different Web page.

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