Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reserved CommandName values

GridView Control's Reserved CommandName values and its Description

Cancel :  Cancels an edit operation and returns the GridView control to read-only mode. Raises the    RowCancelingEdit event.

Delete : Deletes the current record. Raises the RowDeleting and RowDeleted events

Edit : Puts the current record in edit mode. Raises the RowEditing event,

Page : Performs a paging operation. Sets the CommandArgument property of the button to "First", "Last", "Next", "Prev", or a page number to specify the type of paging operation to perform. Raises the PageIndexChanging and PageIndexChanged events

Select: Selects the current record. Raises the SelectedIndexChanging and SelectedIndexChanged events.

Sort: Sorts the GridView control. Raises the Sorting and Sorted events.

Update : Updates the current record in the data source. Raises the RowUpdating and RowUpdated events.

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