Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adding a VideoBrush in Silverlight

Using a VideoBrush in Silverlight Application

VideoBrush elements are very similar to the ImageBrush. Instead of an image, they define a video MediaElement that is applied as a brush. You can apply them to the properties of Silverlight controls the same way that the ImageBrush is applied.

To apply a VideoBrush to a Silverlight control, you need to define the VideoBrush element just as you do with an ImageBrush. However, different from an ImageBrush, you need to set a SourceName property that points to the x:Name of the MediaElement. Therefore, you also need to define a MediaElement separate from the Silverlight control. If you do not want the video to be displayed outside of the Silverlight control, set the Opacity property of the MediaElement to 0.


< MediaElement Source="first.wmv"
Opacity="0"/ >

< TextBox Height="100" Width="150" >
< TextBox.Background >
< VideoBrush SourceName="movie" Stretch="UniformToFill"/ >
< /TextBox.Background >
< /TextBox >

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