Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introduction to MVC 2 with Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft MVC 2 in Visual Studio 2010

The Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework is Microsoft’s newest framework for building web applications. The ASP.NET MVC framework was created to support pattern-based software development. In other words, the framework was designed to make it easier to implement software design principles and patterns when building web applications.

An MVC application, a Model View Controller application, is divided into the following three parts:

• Model: An MVC model contains all of an application’s logic. The model includes all of an application’s validation logic, business logic, and data access logic.

• View: An MVC view contains HTML markup and view logic.

• Controller: An MVC controller contains control-flow logic. An MVC controller interacts with MVC models and views to control the flow of application execution. which handle incoming requests, perform operations on the domain model, and choose a view to render back to the user

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