Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Content of a Newly Created Web Site

The Content of a Newly Created Web Site:

App_Browsers: Contains browser definition files (.browser) that ASP.NET uses to identify browsers and determine their capabilities. These files are often used to help support mobile applications

App_Code Contains source code for classes and business objects (.cs, .vb, and .jsl files) that you want to compile as part of your application

App_Data Contains application data files (.mdf and .xml files).

App_GlobalResources Contains resources (.resx and .resources files) that are compiled into assemblies and have a global scope. Resource files are used to externalize text and images from your application code. This helps you support multiple languages and design-time changes without recompilation of source code

App_LocalResources Contains resources (.resx and .resources files) that are scoped to a specific page, user control, or master page in an application.

App_Themes Contains subfolders that each define a specific theme (or look) for your site. A theme consists of files (such as .skin, .css, and image files) that define the appearance of Web pages and controls.

App_WebReferences Contains Web reference files (.wsdl, .xsd, .disco, and .discomap files) that define references to Web services.

Bin Contains compiled assemblies (.dll files) for code that you want to reference in your application. Assemblies in the Bin folder are automatically referenced in your application.

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