Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creating ASPX Pages

Creating ASPX Pages

Once your Web site has been created, the next step is to begin adding pages to the site. An ASP.NET page is also known as a Web Form and can be composed of a single file or a pair of files. The steps for adding a new Web page to a Web site are as follows:

1. Using the Visual Studio 2008 menus, request a new Web Form. Typically this is done inside Solution Explorer by right-clicking the Web site and selecting Add New Item.

2. In the Add New Item dialog, assign a name to the Web Form.

3. Select the programming language for this Web Form.

4. Indicate if the page is self-contained or uses a pair of files using the Place Code In Separate File check box.

The Place Code In Separate File check box allows you to indicate whether your page should be made up of a single, self-contained file or a pair of files (HTML layout and an associated code-behind file).

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