Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creating Web Sites in Visual Studio 2008

Creating Web Sites

The Visual Studio 2008 project system allows you to define a new Web site project based on how you intend to access the site content from a Web server. You can create a Web project connected to a file-system–based server on your computer, an IIS server, or an FTP server.

File system: The file-based Web site stores all of the files for the Web site inside a directory of your choosing. This Web site uses the lightweight ASP.NET development server that is included in Visual Studio 2008.

Ftp: The FTP-based Web site is useful when you want to connect to your site via FTP to manage your files on a remote server. This option is typically used when your Web site is hosted on a remote computer and your access to the files and folders on that server is through FTP.

http: An HTTP-based Web site is used when you are working with a site deployed inside of IIS (either locally or on a remote server). This Web site may be configured at the root of the IIS Web server, or in a virtual directory that is configured as an application

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